Animate Your Window Displays!

Attract More Customers.


What is g'petto ?

 g'petto is a system of smart pulleys that you can use as a puppet master. It enables visual merchandisers to migrate from stationary designs to striking, eye-catching displays with motion. All it takes is your imagination because, with g’petto, YOU design your own motion!


Installing g'petto in your store is effortless! Place g'petto on its profile and tighten a couple of screws. Easy as pie!


When it comes to designing motion, it has never been this easy! Turn on any device with an internet browser and use our user-friendly web application to turn your imagination into real-life, animated shows.

Moving Displays? Why?

With g’petto, you can use the power of motion to lure passersby into your store and have the chance to increase the number of customers to enter your store by 20%! Here is why it is so effective:


  • Humans process visuals 40 times faster than any other data .


  •  Motion perception is VITAL. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors relied on their ability to perceive motion to hide from predators and catch preys.


  • We make purchase decisions under the influence of unconscious inputs.


  • Moving objects and visuals cary your message to your customers’ subconscious mind.

  • In a study made by FedEx Office and Ketchum Global Research, 78% of the customers  stated that they entered a store only because of its remarkable visuals.


  After setting up your g'petto:

  1. Open up our design interface and enter the distance between the pulleys and the leftmost side of your display area. Also, enter the height at which the pulleys stand.

  2.  Put a cup of coffee and start designing your own motion by simply placing dots on your screen.


You are ready to have an entirely new moving display.


So all you have to do is take some measurements and place dots.


Technical Support

We are here to help! Ask all your questions about g’petto and its usage.

Free Installation and Training

We can install your new set of g’petto and provide a training for your employees on how to use it.

1 Years Warranty


In case of any problem with the products, we deliver a replacement to you in the fastest way within the scope of the warranty.

Design Support


We are happy to guide you through your motion design adventures.


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